Infinite tunes from Erhu player Weiwei Wu

Presented by Erhu player Weiwei Wu
Infinite research ~ “∞Infinity∞” in Okinawa
Date: May 20th (Sat)
Venue: Okinawa/Ishigaki CITY JACK
Cast: Weiwei Wu (Erhu)
Hiroki Morioka (keyboard)
Falcon (guitar)
Special guest: Elisa Uechi (Erhu)
Doors open 17:30/Start 18:00
Price: ¥4,000 (all seats free)

Erhu player/composer
Weiwei Wu
Born in Shanghai, China. Real name: Kei Miya
Started playing the violin at the age of 5. After attending elementary school attached to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, he majored in erhu and violin at the Shanghai Drama School, and then came to Japan in 1991.
In order to explore new possibilities for the erhu, he has been actively collaborating with musicians of various genres, and in the process has established his own unique playing style, including devising a standing method for playing the erhu, which is traditionally played while seated. A pioneer of the modern erhu, making it possible to collaborate with rock, jazz, and fusion.
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut, they released their 18th album ``Infinity∞'' in May, which shows the potential of further erhu.
Currently active as the only erhu player who boasts stylish and brilliant technique.