Mariscos with Paulo & Hiroko Live

Mariscos with パウロ&博公ライブ

Mariscos with Paulo & Hiroko Live
Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Mariscos Yukie (Fl) Atsushi Suzuki (Pf)
Hiroki Ishigaki (Vo.Gt)
Paulo Vargas (Drums)
Doors open 19:00 Performance starts 20:00
2,000 yen (1 drink included)

Mariscos, a unit consisting of flute player Yukie Ishii and pianist Atsushi Suzuki, is returning for the first time in a year. The meaning is bivalve in Portuguese. City Jack owner Hiroki Ishigaki and perverted drummer Paulo Vargas also joined the shellfish-loving duo!